Steve Rosario

Steve Rosario — Putnam County Legislature

Steve Rosario believes Putnam can be a vital community without the burden of heavy taxes. It takes vision to lead Putnam County to a secure and bright future and make Philipstown an equal partner with other towns on county issues.

Steve plans to work hard on small business development and job creation, investing in towns through sales tax sharing, equitable county services for our district (County still hasn’t repaired Snake Hill Road nearly a year after Hurricane Irene), and addressing seniors’ needs including plans for a senior center with real proposals to make the center a reality.

As a Philipstown Council Member (1994-1998), Steve advocated and lead the creation of the first real Town Park, made Philipstown a Greenway Community, worked with the Continental Village Property Owners Association (CVPOA) to pass the original school tax special assessment, developed the Town’s Dirt Road Policy, worked with small businesses along Route 9 on the Route 9 Plan and Comprehensive Plan, and obtained a Garrison zip code for Continental Village residents.

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