Putnam Valley is a special place — where the country begins, and the miles of pavement and strip malls end. In recent years, pressure from developers and their friends in local government has begun to threaten our way of life — and our property values. Below are links to resources to help you learn more about Putnam Valley and the issues we face. (Note: Putnam Valley Democrats is not responsible for the content of external links.)

Comprehensive Plan and Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS) (PDF)
Adopted by the Town Board in 2007, this is a comprehensive plan unanimously adopted by the Putnam Valley town board. This comprehensive plan builds upon the studies completed over the last two decades and will help ensure that Putnam Valley remains a great place to live, work and visit.

Putnam Valley Residents Coalition is an independent neighborhood organization that serves as a watchdog and information clearinghouse about proposed developments in Putnam Valley.

Here’s the schedule of meetings and agendas in our town.