Putnam Valley needs a Plan!

Our town can’t solve the economic crisis on its own. But there ARE things we can do to help. The Democrats have a four-step plan for Putnam Valley’s economic and community revitalization:

  1. Implement the town’s Comprehensive Plan for sustainable development across Putnam Valley.
  2. Avoid higher taxes that result from inappropriate and unrestrained development.
    More houses = More services = Higher Taxes!
  3. Maintain your property values by preserving Putnam Valley’s rural character, water quality, historic assets, and open spaces. When Putnam Valley is a place people want to live, your home is worth more!
  4. Revitalize Oregon Corners, Putnam Valley’s economic center, with a recovery plan created together with business owners and residents.

Vote DEMOCRAT to implement this four-step plan for Putnam Valley’s recovery in these tough economic times. For more information, please “like” us on Facebook.