Get Involved

Volunteering can be a lot of work. It can also be a lot of fun! And it can make a difference!

Whether you have a small amount of time and would like to help, or you are ready to take on a major project – or anything in between – your Putnam Valley Democratic Committee welcomes you! Volunteers are an invaluable part of every campaign’s effort.

Volunteers drive our candidates from door to door meeting local residents,
Volunteers make phone calls encouraging residents to get out and vote,
Volunteers hand-address campaign postcards and assemble mailings,
Volunteers distribute and post campaign signs,
Volunteers held coordinate and run campaign activities and events,
Volunteers do just about everything that helps our candidates get elected.

Perhaps you’d like to visit our committee and entertain the idea of joining us? We welcome anyone who wants to make a difference in our community. No matter what your age, we can offer a volunteer activity that will fit into your available time and lifestyle.
We welcome your input!

Please email us — we’d love to hear from you! We hope you’ll “like” us on Facebook and repost links from our page to your own timeline, or re-tweet items from our Twitter page. This will let friends and neighbors know about important issues facing our community!

Lastly, we do need funds to run our campaigns. You can donate any time of the year.